What we're doing at a glance

ULTimateCO2 is a four-year collaborative research project focusing on the long-term processes involved in the geological storage of CO2 in order to increase confidence in the long-term efficiency and safety of CCS

CO2 Capture and Storage, known as CCS, encompasses a range of technologies to capture CO2 at power stations and industrial plants, transport it by pipeline or ship to a storage location, and inject it via a well into a suitable deep geological formation for permanent storage. CCS is a smart solution that can contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and therefore to tackling climate change and associated impacts (sea level rise, ocean acidification, etc.).

But how can we be sure that the CO2 will not leak to the surface or harm the subsurface environment? … not only just after injection, but also in the “long term”, i.e. 1000s of years after site closure?


Dernière mise à jour le 18.12.2015