Research highlight (IFPEN) - Long-term modelling of CO2 dynamic modelling by using an adaptive mesh refinement

The workflow developed within UltimateCO2 is to construct a basin model and use the present-day state to initialize a reservoir simulator.

Indeed, basin models simulate the history of sedimentary basins through time coupling geological events and flow simulation. It computes pressure, temperatures and salinity fields over the basin history. The simulation of the injection of CO2 and its long-term effects on pressure field will then be modeled by using an Adaptative Mesh Refinement (AMR) technology that allows to refine dynamically the basin scale meshing at a scale that the user defines. This refinement allows to follow the front of the CO2 plume migration at a small scale and keeping the rest of the basin at a large scale. This workflow allows the generation of a more accurate initial state before CO2 injection simulation from basin modeling, and to better simulate the displacement of the injected CO2 as well as its implication in the carbon trapping mechanisms.

Basin and Reservoir scale view of CO2 saturation after 1000 years with 4 levels of refinement

Dernière mise à jour le 17.12.2015